Mono Lake Camping

Witnessing  Mono Lake

Mono Lake is one of the oldest lakes known in North America that contains no outlet. It is located near the town of Lee Vining in California, at highway 395, 13 miles east of Yosemite National Park. It is a huge and majestic body of water and is considered ancient since it is more that 1 million years old.

This lake is also is more than twice as salty as the ocean and is also known for its high alkaline content due to minerals and salts being washed to it from the Eastern Sierra streams. Preservation of the calcium carbonate spires and knobs which were formed because of the interaction of alkaline lake water and freshwater springs is the main reason of the establishment of the Mono Lake Reserve.

Things to Remember when Visiting Mono Lake


The weather in this area is changeable which means that tourists, travelers and campers should bring along layered clothing for protection against extreme weather conditions. The road towards the lake is accessible all year round except those times after large storms have passed.

Recommended Activities and Facilities


One of the most recommended activities in Mono Lake is the outdoor activities which include cross-country skiing, boating, swimming, bird-watching, hiking, and photography. Mono Lake is also known to be traveled by many photographers because of their desire to capture the magnificent lights interplaying in the water, deserts and mountains.

Another outdoor activity that should be tried in Mono Lake is swimming. Swimming activity in this unique lake may be one of a king experience since the lake provides a pleasantly buoyant due to the lake water’s property of being denser than the water in the ocean. On the other hand, camping is also another outdoor activity which is recommended to be experienced by people who goes near the lake. It should be known that campgrounds are not located in the Scenic Area or in the State Natural Reserve.


Therefore, camping is done in established campgrounds that are located near the June Lake Loop, Lee Vining Canyon and Lundy Canyon. Campers should be aware that these sites in the said campgrounds are typically in a first-come, first-served basis, thus if you are interested to be able to do your camping in these camping locations, you should go their early or reserve it ahead of time.

Also, another outdoor activity that many can enjoy is the boating in this lake. If you go to Mono Lake and plan to do some boating, you should know that all types of boating can be done in Mono Lake however; all islands are restricted between the dates of April 1 to August 1 every year in order to protect the gulls that are nesting during these times.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to unwind and enjoy by doing outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing, boating, swimming, bird-watching, hiking, and photography, then Mono Lake is one of the most recommended for you to go to. You guys will surely enjoy the different activities ready for you to experience.


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