Lake Berryessa Camping

Introducing Lake Berryessa


Located in the Napa Valley in our state of gold, California and also the largest lake in the valley. Lake Berryessa will be enough to give even the most experienced campers a new taste of nature filled environments on the west coast. With three well known and quite large camping facilities along its coast, you will have a variety of options to choose from during your camping adventures.

Interesting Things To See and Do in Lake Berryessa


If you’re looking to spend some time in the crystal clear and relaxing water, then the perfectly placed Pleasure Cove on the south end of the lake managed by Forever Resorts is a great choice. In the mood for a quiet relaxing nature ride in the water? You can rent fishing boats or house boats but if you’re more of an adrenaline junky then jet skis are also available. Ride the water or sleep on it, either way you’ll have a smile on your face.

Now campers are going to want to camp and Lake Berryessa does the job beautifully. You do not miss out on not having electricity, running water or the absence of your phone signal, which is great for being cut off and enjoying the wilderness.

Near our previously mentioned Pleasure Cove we have our first campground, Steele Canyon Campgrounds. This is the bigger one of the two, with their spacious six RV sites near the lagoon, 59 tent or RV sites and 19 tent only sites where campers will have the chance to either mingle with other campers or to keep to themselves and have nature as their company (you probably mingle with people from where you’re coming from anyways, let’s make friends with the wild.)

Enjoying The Water Activities


If you happen to bring a boat with you, then this will probably be your choice since the facility also has a Boat Launch Ramp, the lake is the main attraction of the area anyways.


The lake’s second camping grouping is the Spanish Flat Recreation Area, which we will find on the southwest end of the lake. Similar to its sister camping ground, the Español Flat has 45 tent of RV sites, plus 10 tent-only sites without water, to really give you that down and dirty camping experience.

Let’s clear the air from all these camping incentives and state that Lake Berryessa is a swimming and water site for enthusiasts, or beginners… We don’t judge, we just want you to have fun in the water. And the lake does just that.

The narrow area of the reservoir, nearest to the Monticello Dam, which is also named “The Narrows” is frequently busy with boats during the holidays and weekends, so if you strap your boat to the top, back, front or under your car, make sure you sail your way there. For our swimmers, the lake has two popular locations, Oak Shores or Smittle Creek. These are swimming area closed to boats and other watercrafts, the only ones in the water are you and the pretty fish.

If you’re looking to camp, to swim, to sail, to hike or to simply get away from the city. Then the largest lake in the Napa Valley will do just that, hope you guys love it as much as many others do.

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