Darien lake camping

Introducing Darien Lake 


Located between Buffalo and Rochester in Darien Center, Darien Lake can get you back to nature by setting your own tent or bring your own trailer for serene nature experience to remember. The place gives option for family or friends to enjoy the thrills and excitement of the theme park by day. At night, you can lay back and hear the sound of nature or sleep under the stars on a warm and cozy campfire.

Interesting things to See and Do at Darien Lake

Darien Lake offers a friendly family environment for everyone. If you want to experience waking up in the great outdoors, hiking in the hills, or simply want a close action of the amusement park, it is recommended to try Glamping. Here you’ll stay at a ready-made campsite with the convenience of a platform canvas tent and large bed already setup for you and your family to relax.

The amusement park is one of the main highlights at Darien Lake. The rides are fun, the lines are not too long and the laser light show is fantastic. There are a lot of options to choose from, including thrilling rides, water rides, family rides, and kids’ rides. There are some precautions needed, however, especially, for kids and toddlers.

The Water Park provides amusement and refreshment for campers of all ages. Want to swim with adrenaline running all over your body? The Brain Drain will give you the most intense water slide ever.

Campers will get high in the air as much as 70 feet and thrusting down the most intense water slide that almost drops you off over 300 feet then splashing you down into a refreshing pool. You can also enjoy the Big Kahuna, Crocodile Isle, Floating Station, Hook’s Lagoon, and Swirl City, all of while are good for water adventure. Now that’s fun!

Want to see live concerts from some of the most talented stars today? Darien Lake provides entertainment like no other. Check out some of the brightest stars today that will perform at Darien Lake and have a cool party experience with your family or friends.


Camping with Family at Darien Lake


Camping is a wonderful experience at Darien Lake. The area is surrounded by more than 600 wooded camp sites that most campers are looking for. Some of the tents are shaded and private.

You can bring your trailer or camp at a nice site where you and your family can enjoy a relaxing nature ambiance. There are also some facilities you can enjoy when you don’t want to camp, including hotels, guest houses, cabins, and RV rentals.

Even when the night comes, the fun is still around. If you are a fan of laser light shows, you definitely need to watch “ignight the night” held in the evenings. You will also like how you sleep at night because it is very peaceful. You get to see the stars at night and hang out while enjoying a nice marshmallow feast at a campfire.

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