Find the Best Pop-Up Tent, Beach Tent, and PopUp Canopy

Camping is an activity every breathing being has to go through at least once or twice in their lifetime. It’s one of the few ways that keeps the connection between the ever busy man and humble nature. Pop up tents give that golden opportunity to everyone whether it’s the ‘real’ camper that can light up a fire using straws or the first timer with zero clues on where to start when pitching up a tent.

For this reason, the easy to erect pop up tents have gained widespread popularity in the recent years and have risen up the must have camping list of the greater majority. The number of pop up tents out there is overwhelming; they come in all shapes and sizes and in different materials and forms.

All these have major intent, to provide memorable, stress free moments. So whether it’s just a beach activity you’re attending, or you are simply after the outdoor activities out in the woods, the pop up tent will be of great use to you. And here we offer reviews of some of the greatest pop up tents in history to ensure your needs are quenched and satisfied.

What exactly is a pop up tent?

A pop up tent is one of the latest inventions in the camping industry generated after the intelligent Homo sapiens noted the agony in setting up the traditional tents. It just isn’t worth the pain learning to pitch a tent anymore; the ropes, poles and stakes…too much headache. Pop up tents come with an easy to set up manual, well not actually a manual, because all you have to do is separate them from their bags and throw then in the air and shazam! You have yourself a tent.

Unmasking the best of pop up tents and Canopy

 Brand and NameDimensions (WxDxH)Ratings (Out of 5)PriceWeights
Zaltana Pop Up Tent with Inner TentZaltana Pop Up Tent with Inner Tent106 x 65 x43 Inches4.3$5.0Read More Reviews
Coleman 6 Person Instant Pop Up TentColeman 6 Person Instant Tent 120 x 108 x 72 inches4.4$$$25.4Read More Reviews
FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent4.5$$8Read More Reviews
Rightline Gear 110995 Pop-Up TentRight line Gear Pop Up Tent24.7 x 24.7 x 1.3 inches4.0$$6Read More Reviews
Light speed Priapism 4 Instant pop up TentLight speed Priapism 4 Instant Tent 94 x 94 x 55 inches4.5$$$13Read More Reviews

A variety of such tents exist all aimed at making the set up process a breeze, there’s the coiled and umbrella types. The coiled designs simply have a spring backbone where the tent body is built around but the umbrella ones are like…umbrellas, with struts from the top radiating outwards and downwards.

While these structures may not guarantee protection from the strong, blistering winds, or shield you from a vigorous downpour, they are surely going to save you hours of the ‘pitching a tent’ lecture and probably have you enough time to grab a beer with pals. So what exactly is a pop tent? It’s a gift from the gods, an answered prayer to the average camper.

Advantages of pop up tent

Pop up tents are in this world for a reason and they aren’t everybody’s favorite camping asset just because they come in a couple of cool colors.

  • They are so much lighter. For starters, they can be bulky at times and their round bags make it no less easy to tote around but compared to the traditional canvas tent with the huge wooden framework and a ridiculously bulky canvas skin, I’d say pop up tents are doing a great job.

  • They are easily portable. Seriously, a pop tent can be refolded and fitted to its storage bag and taken anywhere on earth. This portable nature is something you really should take into account before starting your journey up the hills into the woods and across the lake.

  • Ease of setting up. This is everybody’s favorite part, throw it up and boom! You got yourself shelter. So for those who want to prefer spending more time with family and friends chatting about nothing to pitching up some tent, then it’s high time you do yourself some major justice.

  • And there’s the ease of folding up. Well, this part catches a greater portion of people off guard. All there is to it is folding the tent back into its original shape and bagging it up but many get into a fight with it trying to maintain the folded sections while embarking on the next fold. Those minutes of war with the pop up tent are much better than the agony of bringing down the traditional canvas…trust me, and they are worth the laugh.

The seasoned camper would denounce the use of pop up tents, perhaps claiming that they’ve got very few weather combat features. As much as this statement has got some truth in it, pop up tents are meant for the real people. For those who enjoy the actual camping experience, the woody environs and the longer periods of laughs and chit chats.

Top five pop-up tents review

Here is some of the best Pop up tents you can find out there.

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  • Zaltana Pop Up Tent with Inner Tent

This is one of the best tents to purchase, especially when you are looking for quality and affordability all in one package. It’s composed of a double layer of waterproof fabric, Polyester to be precise, that ensures you keep dry even as nature acts against it. This pop up tent, when packed, appears in form of a 30″ diameter disk that is conveniently strapped to maximize on its portability.

The beloved Zaltana Tent has a negligible weight of 5Lbs that further makes it easy to carry around and this is due to the light weight fiber glass that’s used to skeleton the tent. The fiberglass though light, possesses some impressive strength that can keep the tent fixated even when the forces of nature try and take it down.

The inside is even more impressive. The double layer is built to provide epic ventilation levels for the ones inside and also assure high level comfort. The blue fabric is a 190T waterproof Polyester with a PU1000mm and the sewed black floor is not so far back with 150D Oxford PU1000mm. It’s made of black nylon and made stronger than the outer shell due to its direct contact with the earth.

  • Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Coleman produces three versions of the tents with the difference being in size, there’s the 4 people, 6 and 8 people tents.

Coleman 6 Person Instant Pop Up Tent

The 6 people one is meant to be of light weight and it comes pre-set with everything in place, no danger of dropping some parts. These tents are not pure pop ups such that you don’t throw them in the air and a tent falls but their set up mechanism is pretty simple to follow, done in 30 seconds.

The Coleman 6 person pop up tent measures 10 ft. x 9 ft. as its floor dimensions with a 6ft height at its center. This provides a spacious arena that can comfortably fit 6 people on mats and sleeping bags. The entrance to the tent is one big door and there are 4 huge windows whose material is a waterproof polyester mesh of 68D.

The fabric is of high quality 150D polyester taffeta. This material is waterproof and possesses immense durability properties guaranteed to keep your tent in top notch condition even as the years drag on. The waterproof nature and the high Weathered technology used on these tents can offer more than enough protection from both windy and heavy rainy conditions. With the floor being 1000D polyethylene, there’s no way water can seep into the tent.

Genii Sports Pop Up tent

If you’re looking for a quality easy to manage tent that’s a sure pop up for 1 to 3 persons, then look no further. Genii Sports pop up tent is one of the best products in the market and among the best selling tents at Amazon.

This tent is made for both the novice and experienced campers looking to have a good time camping. It’s got zippers on opposite sides that can be fully opened if the aim is just to throw some shade over your face on the beach, or if you need some major ventilation. Oh, and by the way, the Genii Sports Pop Up comes with a waterproof cover probably for those unfair moments when the world wraths against you and brings down a heavy downpour.

82.7″x52″x50″ are its measurements, not enough to host a party but it can surely fit 2 adults without a fuss. The outer material is of 190T nylon further covered with a UV protective coat to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays.

The internal framework is of durable diehard steel embodied by a 600D Oxford nylon that adds on to the stunning qualities of the tent and its lightweight nature of 6.1 pounds.

Right line Gear Pop Up Tent

When people talk about the future, robots and stuff, I see the Right line Gear Pop up Tent. I mean, it’s just a thing of beauty from its structural design to its functional purposes. It’s flame retardant to those sparks from camp fires and also acts as a UV rays shield to keep your skin from the damage by the harmful rays.
Rightline Gear 110995 Pop-Up Tent
The tent can be set up in a 30 second time span with no extra skills required. Its 90″ by 72″ by 42″ dimensions provide an ideal large size to comfortably host two large adults and still have room for a sheep.

The tent comes packed with a water resistant Polyester of PU 1500mm taped with sealed seams to discourage any thoughts of getting wet during those rough nights. The Right line tent also comes pre installed with a Polyethylene floor material that makes it possible to set up camp in any ground conditions.

The fiberglass used to build up its internal framework keeps the tent at a lovable 4.75Lb and it has 1 door and two mesh windows to ensure that the air gets in right.

Light speed Priapism 4 Instant Tent Review

The Priapism 4 Instant Tent is produced by the Light speed outdoors and is the kind of tent those couples with little feet walking all over the place look for.


With a comfy floor area of 62 square feet, the tent hosts four adults in their sleep with room for those who rollover in their beds. While the Light speed Priapism 4 Instant Tent may not be a proper pop up, it comes equipped with in built poles to save you the hustle of setting everything up and is one of those tents that once it’s out of the bag it’s already set up.

Its material is at a 190T PU 1500mm to offer high water resistance from even the heavy rainy showers. It has a weight of 14Lbs which is pretty much a light one considering it harbors 4 people. The doors and mesh windows have a double material with a zipped cover and screen to keep the air flowing and have the bugs at bay.

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Finding the best pop up tent

So what are the magic words to say when tent hunting? They are quite simple…Do your homework! Pop up tents are all over, every tent making industry is investing in manufacturing them and this leads to a market flooded with flashy colored tents, some that have aced the endurance test while others just offer nothing more than a shade over your head.

Finding the best tent that suits you will take much more than a snoop around the neighborhood, you first need to figure out exactly how you’ll use it. Are you a frequent camper or will it just be a once in a blue moon decision. This will help you determine how much quality you will invest in it. Think of what you will use it for, are you planning humongous barbecues or simply want to hold a few household necessities with it. This will further assist in gauging the size you need, and knowing the number of people you’ll fit in your tent is definitely a good idea.

It’s only after knowing your requirements that you’ll have a good idea on the kind of tent you need. On buying the tent, remember to ensure it has got product support features. The warranty and help guides should be present just in case anything goes wrong.

Also get an in depth analysis on the company that produces those brands, read as many reviews as possible and use the internet to do your research. Just a tip, make sure the cost doesn’t eat too much into your wallet. Fortunately, we’ve done your homework for you so you just have to sit back and relax. We are that awesome!

The Camping Essentials You Must Have Before You Go Out Camping

For many people, camping is a great way for you to spend your time to enjoy, be adventurous, and explore the outdoors such as scenic areas or wildlife parks. But more than the thrill and sense of adventure that camping brings, you should be able to ensure your safety and make sure that you get to enjoy the most of your trip. No camping can be deemed successful without being properly geared up for adventure.

That is why, if you are thinking of camping today or somewhat near in the future, you have to pack a few camping essentials to ensure your comfort and safety into the outdoors and wilds.

Essentials #1: Shelter

The idea of spending time outdoors is thrilling. Just imagine the open spaces that the wide outdoors offer. You also get to spend the day either fishing or hunting. And when darkness comes, you get to spend the night under a blanket of stars. If you ever get lucky, you might also hear some noise with not-so wild animals roaming about.

On the other hand, thinking of sleeping on the hard ground or green grass as is might sound movie material but not so comfortable in reality. Besides, you definitely don’t want to get too close and personal with nature on your trip and end up with a raccoon or a deer or a rabbit sleeping with you.

To avoid such a scenario, you should pick up your camping shelter beforehand in case your trip destination doesn’t have any accommodations for beddings.


So far, popup tents are the most conventional and by far affordable form of camp shelter. There are waterproof tents that can be easily set up and are readily available on stores selling gears.

But then, if you’re not up to the traditional way and looks for a far more comfortable setting, pop-up trailers which works like tents on wheels might be a good choice for you. These trailers are literal pop-ups of a hard top and bottom with flexible cloth sides to expand. Pop-up trailers usually has built-in camping necessities like a bed, tables, refrigerators, and even a stove and is pulled along by another vehicle.

On the other hand, if you think you want the comforts of home with the additional benefit of having it on wheels, RVs or Recreational Vehicles would be your best choice. The only thing is that, RVs tend to be the most expensive form of camping shelter.

Essentials #2: Beddings

If your camping shelter comes handy with foldout beds, linens, and pillows, then you’re lucky enough to spend a comfortable night in bed. If not, then you may have to bring your own sleeping bags to keep you warm during the cold night sleeping outside.

Since tents are mostly used during a camp, it is essential that you choose the right beddings to make yourself comfortable at night. You actually have four options to choose from: a sleeping bag, a blow-up air mattress, a lounger-type lawn chair, or a folding cot.

If you’re sleeping inside the tent, a sleeping bag with specific range of temperatures to keep you warm would be the most ideal. However, if you find sleeping on the ground uncomfortable, you may use a folding cot which is just a raised bed that can be easily folded when not in used.


A self-inflatable camping air mattress is another good option because they can be easily carried and packed. But if you wish to spend the night lounging under the midnight sky and counting on stars, perhaps a lounge-type lawn chair would be more of your choice. But beware; you have to still use a sleeping bag for added protection.

Essentials #3: Food Provisions

Among the camping essentials that you must take note off, food provisions should top your must-have-during-camping list. But then, the type of food and how much you need to pack will depend on the type of trip you’re planning. Basically, you have to bring a lot more food if you’re planning to spend a week camping compared to just a camping trip of three days.

camping food

As a common rule, make sure that you have a checklist of necessary food items. Choose food that won’t require much cooking like canned goods, dried fruits, or ready to eat cereals. Or if you want to bring some perishable goods, make sure that you also come by a refrigerator or a cooler to keep things frozen and fresh. Also, don’t forget to bring water especially if your camping site has no clean water source.

Essentials #4: First Aid Kit

You never know when accidents happen so it always pay to be prepared especially if you have kids with you.


Stock your first aid kit with supplies like:

  • bandages
  • antibacterial cream
  • gauze
  • betadine
  • medical tape
  • calamine lotion
  • medicine like ibuprofen, paracetamol, loperamide, aspirin, etc.

You should also bring basic hygiene products like soap, tissues, and toothpaste.

A quick reminder…

Camping trips are not always the same so if your activities are about fishing, hiking, or both, then you should be properly geared to do such activities with the least fuss. Also, prepare for any contingencies that might happen and make sure that you are prepared mentally and physically for the camping trip.


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